How it all started...

The inspiration of this project stemmed from Cora and Tony Byrne and their three children Cadhla, Billy and Ruby.
Having not met his developmental milestones, and following plenty of investigations and procedures, Billy was diagnosed with Pallister Killian Syndromme (PKS), a very rare chromosomal disorder at 13 months of age. Billy was one of only three children in Ireland with PKS. Sadly Billy passed away on March 24th, 2013, just one week short of his sixth birthday.
The Byrne family wish to provide other families with the opportunities they never themselves had the joy as experiencing as a family.

Billy's World is a project to try and create holiday theme park that caters for children with special needs and their families – so everyone can have fun together! But it will also serve to be more than that!
We hope it will become a location for conferences, lectures and events that not only help to give parents advice and information but also to raise awareness for many conditions that affect so many children and their families in Ireland.


What is the dream?

The goal is a very simple one, ALL CHILDREN deserve the right to have a childhood and to do things that other children do.
Yes, it has taken some thoughtful planning but here at Billy's World every child will have fun!
So many families find themselves in the situation where they have been thrown in the deep end and have nowhere to turn. We feel we can connect these families to one another so they don't have to feel they are alone and share each other's experiences; mother to mother, father to father and sibling to sibling.
Often when families with special needs children go on holiday, the child is unable to take part in what is going on around them due to the lack of appropriate facilities in many holiday parks. It is difficult for the family to enjoy a holiday while they know the child cannot participate. This facility will enable families, who have children with special needs, to have a holiday together!

What is all about?

Billy's World is about the family being able to have a hassle-free holiday and allowing siblings the opportunity to interact with each other.
Every child deserves the right to experience fun whether it is to ride a go-kart and feel the breeze on their face, a quad bike, play football, swim, and cycle a bike, row a boat or whatever they would wish to do.
All it needs is a little imagination and some well planned adjustments. At Billy's World every possible effort will be made to meet the needs of the child.
Alongside this they can make life-long friends and networking opportunities. It also caters for the siblings of these children (as they too need support) by coming to the realisation and understanding that they are not alone and that other boys and girls out there have a brother or sister with special needs.

So please contact us today to find out how you can help us make this dream come true!

We are looking for support in many forms. So, if you are an individual, a group, a business or service provider please contact us to find out how you could help. Thank you and help us make a difference!