Design Concepts...

A place to experience the relaxation of floating in water! Along with, a swimming pool, sauna and a hot-tub.

An area filled with soft mats for children to roll about, play and tumble without getting hurt.

A place to enjoy a coffee, snack or a glass of wine while the children play together and meet new friends with special needs.

Hydrotherapy Area designed for both relaxation and for exercise with the special needs child in mind.

A large cinema room for playing classic and recent movies for the whole family's enjoyment as well as providing a stage for any drama events organised within the park.

A ball area for younger children and computer games for the older children which will have specially adapted switches for special needs children.

The coffee shop, wine bar and dining area which will give the family some time to relax and enjoy a light lunch or just have a cup of tea or coffee!

Themed Hedge Mazes including games and challenges!

Main entrance and picnic deck area.