What we aim to offer at...

Proposed facillities for Billy's World...

  • Indoor activity rooms (Sensory Room, Drama-Music, Etc,)
  • Cinema Room/Theatre
  • Large Conference Room
  • Cafeteria/Wine Bar & Dining Area
  • Hydrotherapy pool, changing rooms & treatment rooms (Incl. Sauna, Massage, Diagnostics, Small Gym, hot-Tub area & SPA area etc)
  • Sun Deck – Connection to cafeteria, Pool & Overlooking activity Park
  • Soft toy play Area
  • Birthday Party Area
  • Arts and crafts zone
  • Services Area
  • Reception area
  • Main entrance & picnic deck area
  • Main building also includes offices, technical rooms, toilets, bathrooms and stores

Education and Support

Billy's World also provides an educational aspect. At different stages throughout the year seminars, open days and conferences will be held with talks and lectures from experts in varying conditions and disorders. We hope these can provide medical knowledge, understanding and information to the families on their child's disorder.

Accommodation Units

Where families can stay on-site and enjoy the facilities as a holiday camp. Each cabin will have hoists and be wheelchair friendly with special supports and beds where needed.


A gym specially adapted for special needs children. Everything in the gym is aimed at stimulating their muscles and having fun. Even on holiday it is important for our children to continue with their exercise programme and this room offers parents the space and facilities to ensure their child can continue in a fun environment.

Sensory touch and sound pet farm area

A pet farm for all children to learn and play. Sound, sight and touch being such important elements to children with special needs this will really be a wonderful experience. Each pen will incorporate different touch and sound buttons for each animal.


Kansas  the start of a new adventure

Where the adventure and fun begins!
The first part of Billy's World for the family to experience together before setting off to the wonderful land of OZ.

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OZ   A Land of Wonder and Fun

Cross over the Tornado Bridge into Oz
Here in this amazing world of fun and experiences you can create your own adventure and holiday!

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