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Fundraise for Billy's World

Put the 'Fun' into Fundraising!

As with all charities we rely on the support and generosity of so many to help bring such a wonderful dream into existence. This project will bring happiness and help to so many families as well as providing a center for lectures, seminars, education, awareness and information events.

Every bit raised will take us a step closer to realising this dream and so with this in mind we have listed a few ideas here as to how you could help us by organising a fundraiser for such a fantastic project.
We will provide a support pack with T-shirts, stickers etc for fundraising as well as providing an on-line media pack with logos, links and pdf's etc for any social media pages or print media that you might use to promote your fundraising event!
Just contact us for more information…. And thank you so much! Billy's World Ireland
Library Court, Park Lane, Carrick on Shannon, Roscommon, Ireland
+353 (0) 71 962 0972
+353(0) 86 780 7277

Also look into the advantages of Tax Relief that could benefit the charity so much!


Fundraising Support Pack

If you would like to organise an event or fundraiser in aid of the Billy' World Ireland Project please get in touch and we can arrange to send you out a fundraising support pack with will include such things as t-shirts, stickers etc to help you brand the event or fundraiser and promote this worthwhile project.

If you are stuck for ideas for a fund raiser then have a look at our list of A-Z suggestions for fundraising events! Once you have decided on your event contact us – click here for contact info!

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Media /On-line Support Pack

Contact us for our Media/ On-line support pack for marketing materials, logos, press releases etc.

We have this pack available for helping you promote your fundraising event on-line through social media such as Facebook etc so you can get to use the correct logos and information. This pack may also be helpful for any members of the press or media who wish to do any coverage of this incredible project - click here for contact info!.

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Tax Relief

Use paid tax to benefit Billys' World Ireland at no extra cost to you!

No extra cost to you – but helps us!

You can help Billy's World Ireland reclaim extra funds from the Revenue Commissioners by filling in and returning a Tax Relief Form (CHY2 Cert). This funding will be a huge benefit to the project and help it come into reality so much quicker.

    How does it work and who can claim?
  • If you are a PAYE tax payer, and have donated €250 or more to Billy's World Ireland during the tax year, Billy's World can reclaim the tax paid on your donation. This is only for personal donations you have made and not on any money raised through sponsorship.
  • Is this information confidential?
  • Of course. All personal details are confidential to Billy's World Ireland and the Revenue Commissioners. The information is used for the tax claim and nothing else.
  • How do I do this?
  • When you make a donation of €250 or over please let us know that you will be interested in availing of the reclaim for Billy's World - Then just get the CHY2 form by clicking here and printing it. Then just complete it and return it us and we will do the rest! Thank you.
  • Corporate Donations and Self Assessed
  • If you are self-assessed or a corporation, you can reclaim the tax paid on your donation. Get a copy of your donation history from us and attach it to your Annual Tax Return Form/Corporation Tax Form. If you wish, you can then donate some of the reclaimed money to Billy's World Ireland.

  • Important Revenue information for Parents
  • Parents Of Children With Permanent Disabilities can claim tax relief under the heading of Health Expenses in respect of certain expenses incurred by children with permanent disabilities:
    • Telephone:- In cases where the child is treated at home, a flat rate of €300 to include telephone rental and calls may be claimed where the expenses are incurred for purposes directly connected with the treatment of the child.
    • Overnight accommodation:- Payments made by the parent/guardian to a hospital, hotel or B&B; in respect of overnight accommodation in or near the hospital where the child is a patient where such overnight stay is necessary for the treatment of the child.
    • Travel:- The cost incurred in travelling (unlimited journeys) to and from any hospital in respect of:-
      The patient and accompanying parents/guardians and where such trips are shown to be essential to the treatment of the child.
    • Hygiene products and special clothing:- The cost incurred in respect of these items subject to a maximum of €500 per year.
    • We borrowed heavily from the information supplied on the Jack & Jill Foundation website for the above information and would like to thank them and look forward to mutually beneficial events in the future!
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Fundraising Event Ideas

An A - M of some ideas for raising funds...


  • Abseiling Event
  • Adventure Challenge
  • Antarctic Quest
  • Archery Contest
  • Art Auction/ Sale
  • B

  • Bag Packing
  • Bakery Sale/ Contest
  • BBQ day
  • Beach Clean Up
  • Bed Push
  • Bingo night
  • Bike Challenge/ Race
  • Black Tie Dinner/ Dance/ Ball
  • Blind Date Event
  • Bowling Competition/ Event
  • Breakfast morning
  • C

  • Cake Sale
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Car Rally/ Drive
  • Car Wash Day
  • Cat Show
  • Casual Day (School or Work Place)
  • Charity Pop-Up Shop
  • Climb for Charity
  • Clown Run
  • Cocktail Making Event
  • Comedy Show
  • Craft Fair
  • D

  • Darts Competition/ Event
  • Day in Drag
  • Devil Run
  • Dinner Dance
  • Disco
  • Dog Show
  • Dog Walking
  • Donate Time / Skills / Materials
  • Donkey Derby
  • Dublin City Marathon
  • E

  • Easter Bunny Run
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Egg & Spoon Race
  • Eighty Days around the World
  • Everest Base Camp
  • F

  • Face Painting
  • Family Day picnic event
  • Fancy Dress Event
  • Festival
  • Five-a-side challenge
  • Fine Box
  • Fishing Event
  • Fitness Events
  • Flower sale/ show
  • Fortune telling
  • Fun Run
  • G

  • Gala Event
  • Games Day
  • Garage Sale
  • Girls Make Over Event
  • Golf Events
  • Go-Karts
  • Greyhound races
  • Guessing games
  • H

  • Halloween Event
  • Head Shaving
  • Highland Games Event
  • Hill walks /Treks
  • Horror Run/ Party
  • Horse Racing
  • Horse Trek
  • House Painting to raise money
  • Hurling Challenges
  • I

  • Ice-Skating
  • Ice Sculpting
  • Inca Trail
  • Indian Cuisine Evening
  • Italian Cuisine Evening
  • IQ challenges
  • J

  • Jam Making Event
  • Jewellery Sale/ Auction
  • Juggling Event
  • Jumble Sale
  • K

  • Karaoke Contest
  • Karate Event
  • Kilimanjaro Climb
  • Kite Flying/ Making Event
  • Knitting Event
  • Knock the Coconut Game
  • Krav Maga Event
  • L

  • Ladies Lunch
  • Ladies Run
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Leg Waxing
  • Line Dancing
  • Long Jump Contest
  • M

  • Machu Picchu charity trek
  • Marathon Running
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Matched Donation – Company matches employee's donation
  • Medieval Evening/ Event
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Movie Event/ Evenings
  • Murder Mystery Evening
  • Music Festival / Show/ Busking
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Fundraising Event Ideas

An N - Z of some ideas for raising funds...


  • Naked Calendar
  • New Year's Eve Event
  • New York City Marathon
  • Ninja Run
  • No Uniform Day
  • O

  • Organic Food Event
  • Orienteering
  • Open Day (by Business/ Sporting Club)
  • Opera Event
  • P

  • Paintball Competition
  • Parachute Jump
  • Parent's Debs Ball
  • Painting Competition
  • Pantomime
  • Paragliding Event
  • Payroll Donation
  • Penalty Shoot-out
  • Planking Event
  • Playstation Event
  • Picnic Event
  • Poker Event
  • Pool Tournament
  • Portrait Sketching
  • Pram Push
  • Pub Quiz
  • Q

  • Quilt Making
  • Quit Smoking
  • Quiz Night
  • R

  • Rag Week
  • Readathon
  • Record Breaking Attempts
  • Recycle – Mobile Phones, ink/ toner cartridges
  • Rent a Service (Service suppliers give fee to charity)
  • Restoration Events (furniture, house, cars etc)
  • Rubbish Clean Up
  • S

  • Salsa Night
  • Shave-a-thon
  • Sheep Herding Event
  • Sheep Shearing Event
  • Silent Disco
  • Singles Night
  • Skipping Event
  • Snooker Competition
  • Soapbox Race
  • Sponsored Run, Walk, Crawl, Climb etc
  • Speed Dating
  • Sports Day
  • Street Party
  • Superhero Event
  • Swear Box
  • T

  • Table Tennis Competition
  • Talent Show
  • Tan- a-thon (fake tanning)
  • Tennis Tournament
  • Television Appeals/ Events
  • Test of Endurance Challenge
  • Toy Sale/ Auction
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Tree Planting Event
  • Triathlon
  • Tug of War
  • U

  • Urban Style Day
  • Umbrella Sale
  • Underwater Events
  • Underwear Over Outerwear Event
  • Unicycle Event
  • Unwanted Gifts Sale
  • Upside-down Cake Sale
  • V

  • Vacuum Cleaning Event
  • Valentines Event
  • Valet Service
  • Vegetable Event (Largest Potato etc)
  • Video Game Event
  • Volunteering Events
  • W

  • Walk on Hot Coals
  • Walks (Home and Abroad)
  • Well Dressed Man Competition
  • Wheel barrow Race
  • Weight Lifting Event
  • Weight Watchers Collection
  • Whale Watching Trips
  • White Collar Boxing
  • Wine Tasting Event
  • Witches Fun Run
  • Women's mini marathon
  • Wrestling
  • X

  • X Box Event
  • Xmas Cards Sale
  • Xmas Party
  • Xmas Gift – Donation made to Charity
  • Y

  • Yacht Event
  • Yodelling Event
  • Yoga Marathon
  • Yo-Yo Event
  • Z

  • Zodiac Readings
  • Zombie Walk
  • Zorbing Event
  • Zoo Day Event
  • Zumba Event
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