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The gateway to an amazing adventure...

Kansas is where the adventure and fun begins! The first part of Billy's World for the family to experience together before setting off to the wonderful land of OZ.

This is where the coaches, buses, cars and all means of transport arrive. The main reception area, charity offices and accommodation units are based here as well as some picnic areas. The theme of the entire park is roughly based around the concept of the Land of Oz and the journey from Kansas by tornado to the magical wonderland of OZ which is full of adventure and new experiences for all children but with particular emphasis on children with special needs. Kansas is the first stage to an unforgettable and beautiful time for all the family.


When you arrive in Kansas...

You will find...

  • The Billy Byrne National Children's Charity Offices
  • Entrance Gate & Gate Lodge-Reception, Staff (Grounds-keeping), Accommodation, Site Services Connections, Stores and Technical Areas.
  • Picnic Area - open and covered (sponsored and named in conjunction with sponsor)
  • Some Accommodation units
  • Road- Train and Train Station (Station and train to be sponsored or at least part-sponsored and named in conjunction with sponsor)
  • Gray brick Road (Each brick to be paid for through a public campaign with each brick having the person, business or family's name on it so they can come visit and find their memorial brick)
  • Car and Bus Parking Area (only service transport beyond this point)
  • Cross- over point; Big Feature Gate joining Kansas to Oz (The Tornado Bridge – sensory noise as the children and entire family pass through)