Welcome to the land of...

A land of adventure for all children!

The Land of OZ is the second part of Billy's world. Once the children have crossed through the Tornado tunnel from Kansas they enter OZ – the magical wonderland.

The theme of the entire park is roughly based around the concept of the Land of Oz and the journey from Kansas by tornado to this magical wonderland which is full of adventure and new experiences for all children but with particular emphasis on children with special needs. Here they can experience through touch, feel, sound, light and many other sensory stimuli. Their siblings can play alongside them and create a very special time in their lives.


What will you find in OZ?

Our plans for OZ...

  • Cross over the Tornado Bridge into Oz where a world of fun and experiences await!
  • Cross- over point; Big Feature Gate joining Kansas to Oz
  • Landscaped picnic areas in front of the accommodation units
  • Yellow Brick Road with theme elements along the way
  • Open area Theatre (amphitheatre) on raised embankment
  • Open Play area (Ball games etc)
  • Pedal Go-Kart Track (with specially adapted karts etc) also with battery-powered karts and cars
  • Pergola Tunnels with sensory elements (such as sound, light etc) along the Yellow Brick Road
  • Activity Sensory Park – includes rope climbing to suit all levels, slides, playground, mini golf and much more to be added…
  • Tower Giant Sundial (water Tank Feature)
  • Three different themed Hedge Mazes including games and challenges
  • "Mountain top" climbing structure with flag and Hot-air Balloon
  • Observation area on quiet deck and small walkway
  • Open lawn area for charity events or other organised external events
  • Total of 10 Rental Accommodation Units
  • Second Sponsored Train Station and turn about area
  • Make-believe 'Storm Shelters' which are workshops i.e. infinity room, cooking workshops etc all leading off the Yellow Brick Road and will the main spine through the park